Diamant goes Web!

Just imagine: Launching Diamant from your browser with a fresh look and feel. It’s possible in the just released version 3.17 revision 1! A fully functional Diamant can be opened by means of a browser on a PC or tablet.
By using state-of-the-art encryption and authentication, the connection is secure, and additional security measures can be added, such as multi-factor authentication via Microsoft/Google Authenticator.
Also ideal for administrators: No more client distributions required. This saves time with each update. A gradual transition from traditional clients to browser is also perfectly possible: the two options will continue to exist side by side for years to come.
Installing this web server is a matter of 1 mouse click extra when installing the v3.17.1. Ask for a trial license so that you can introduce a number of users to the new possibilities via nicole.vanrooijen@diasoft.nl.

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