dialysis software solutions

Diasoft is your reliable partner for optimizing care around the dialysis patient. With the Electronic patient dossier Diamant, Diasoft supplies the certified ICT solution for every discipline that deals with care around the kidney patient: doctor, nurse, social worker and dietician. Over the years Diamant has become a program that is used in almost every dialysis centre in The Netherlands and in a rapidly growing number of other countries in the world.

Mr. W.J. Nobbe Application Manager – The Hague

“For me, Diamant is a program that meets all the necessary requirements for managing a full digital file from the patient in (pre-)dialysis.”


quality guaranteed

Diasoft continually strives for the highest patient safety and customer satisfaction. Diasoft takes utmost care to keep compliance with all the applicable national and international standards and regulations in a pro-active way.


Diamant is an electronic patient file that supports the clinical workflow in a user-friendly way. The program supports HD and PD patients. There are two Diamant versions available: Workflow and Advanced.


Dialysis organisations have to provide quality and process a vast amount of data. To benefit as much as possible from the program, Diasoft offers an extensive range of trainings based on practical problems in dialysis departments.

diamant is currently in operation on the following dialysis hardware

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