Our product: Diamant

Diamant is an electronic dialysis patient file that supports the clinical workflow for haemo- and peritoneal dialysis in a user-friendly manner. Diamant is a solution for tracking patients in all stages of their treatment: from predialysis to transplantation. Diamant integrates into the complex ICT environment of a modern hospital and connects to all conventional dialysis machines and scales. Diamant can be used as the complete medical record system for a dialysis centre, a group of dialysis centres or dialysis departments.


The Diamant functionality is disclosed by installing licenses.

Diamant – The multi-center HD and PD therapy solution for Renal Care

Diamant Workflow – The solution for HD workflow and device connectivity

Diamant Connect+ – Connect your dialysis devices bi-directionally to an Electronical Medical Record

Diamant Connect – Connect your dialysis devices uni-directionally to an Electronical Medical Record (EMR)

Additional Modules – additional non medical modules



Diamant supports connections to and from multiple Electronical Medical Record systems as well as various medical devices


Diamant Workflow

Diamant Workflow ensures the secure and efficient execution of your daily dialysis processes:

Diamant takes care of the dialysis department planning and shows you which patients are coming in for dialysis on which day and what times. Diamant then shows which tasks, administrations and laboratory tests need to be done.

HD dialysis module
Specific dialysis instructions can be composed for every patient and dialysis machine type, telling the nurse what the dialysis settings should be. Some dialysis machines can be automatically set in Diamant. Then the entire dialysis procedure can be tracked remotely in Diamant. Diamant uses alerts to display the tasks that a nurse needs to perform during the dialysis.

All of a patient’s data stored in Diamant are displayed chronologically at a glance, for example, dialysis treatments, disease progression and medication prescription. All data of a patient available in Diamant are presented chronologically, for example, dialysis treatments, courses and medication prescriptions.

You can create nursing, medical and administrative tasks in Diamant and choose to have these visible during the dialysis procedure. This way a doctor can create a task to have a blood sample drawn or a transfusion administered during the dialysis procedure, for example. A task can be  a one-time task or recurring.

The medication module contains the patient’s entire medication file. Diamant shows which administrations must be done during the treatment. Diamant hence makes an important contribution to medication safety.

Reports and graphics
Diamant offers comprehensive reporting options. Overviews can exported as PDF and to Microsoft Office. Dialysis, lab and medication data can be combined and displayed in graphs.



Diamant contains all the disciplines and treatment modalities for complex care for kidney patients. In addition to all the Diamant Workflow modules, Diamant contains the following modules:

Paramedical modules
A dietitian can enter dietary instructions and SGA measurements. Diamant calculates the patient’s BMI by using the link with the scale. The social worker has the possibility to entering intake and interview reports.

Medical information
With the use of the medical information module, Diamant becomes the complete Electronic Patient File. This includes the possibility of documenting allergies and resuscitation orders. Complete patient correspondence can also be added to the file.

Dialysis efficiency
Diamant calculates the Kt/V using the patient’s weight prior to and after dialysis as well as the laboratory values.

HD accesses
With the HD accesses you can manage the complete care for fistulas and/ or HD catheters. You can enter the care and observations of these accesses, fistuala flow measurements and photos, among other things.



Retrieve treatment information from dialysis machines of different vendors and send this information actual time to to your EMR


Preset dialysis machines from different vendors with parameters retrieved from your EMR, and retrieve actual treatment data from dialysis machines and send this information back to your EMR


Additional modules

The following modules are extra options you can select for Diamant and Diamant Workflow:

  • (International) Medical lists
  • Risk management
  • Invoicing: possibility to invoice all treatments.
  • HTTPS: this connection shows data from Diamant via a browser, for example EPD.
  • Multicentre: It is possible to house multiple dialysis centres in one Diamant system.


Diamant offers various connections for the Diamant system. These connections complete your system. The following are the main connections:

    • Receive laboratory results: You receive all your laboratory results directly in Diamant
    • Send laboratory requests: With this connection you can send requests from Diamant to your laboratory system
    • Send financial data: This connection allows you to send billable transactions to every receiving system at your hospital or directly to a health insurance company
    • Receive patient demographics: Calling up patients in external systems
    • Receive intake and discharge reports: All patient transfers are displayed in Diamant, from intake to discharge.
    • Dialysis machine connection: Connection with all conventional dialysis machines
    • Bedside Terminal: Allow Diamant users to work paperless. Users can view and enter data and finish the dialysis treatment at the bedside.
    • Export treatment: Send a summary of the HD treatment data to an external system
    • Import HD instructions: Import the most-used HD instruction parameters in Diamant
    • HTTP(S) interface: Acces medical data through the Diamant Web server
    • Portal interface: Access medical data through the Diamant Web Server

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