our mission

Our mission is to facilitate health care professionals and increase patient safety by
creating and maintaining a state-of-the art and safe medical device that supports the
care of renal patients.

our core values

  • Respect for each individual
  • Focus on safety and privacy
  • Professional and independent in handling data
  • Dedicated to improve the quality of treatment
  • Easy to approach

our team

Diasoft aims to help healthcare professionals to get the best experience with Diamant. To achieve this, our team consists of specialised technicians. Nephrologists, nurses, dietetics, patients and distributors can use the expertise of this dedicated team. Diasoft’s expertise is market-driven. However, Diasoft is managed by and for the Diamant-users. We are constantly working on the improvement of our software. In this way, the safety of the system is guaranteed. Customers have a complete software package and do not have to worry about difficult procedures. You can find more on our safety requirements under quality.

how it all started

Diasoft is founded in 1991 by Cablon Medical and Stichting Thuisdialyse (foundation of dialysis at home). The dialysis professionals were looking for a patient file and the two companies started to work on that. That was the beginning of Diasoft. We started as a foundation, and later on became Diasoft BV.
Before 1995, Diasoft installed the first Diamant. Almost 10 years later, the Diamant Windows version was installed. Now, more than 15 years after that installation, Diasoft is active in 16 countries and 4 continents. And we are still growing. Our dream is helping hundreds of thousands of renal patients all over the world in collecting and reusing medical data. In this way we want to improve their quality of treatment.
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SGD information

In cooperation with SGD (Dutch foundation of Diamant users), Diasoft developed Diamant. The system is unique, and helps Diasoft to constantly improve Diamant. 4 times a year a group of Diamant users discusses the new features of Diamant (at our headquarter). This group is called SGD, the Dutch foundation of Diamant users. It consists of doctors, hospitals, private clinics, nurses, and other stakeholders. In this way, the quality of Diamant is secured and the software kept up to date.
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Diasoft meets the medical requirements and safety standards and is a CE marked medical device. To guarantee the highest level of safety for the patient and the user, the software Diamant is classified as a Class II B device. Because the information in the software will be used to take medical decisions, which have an impact on the patient’s state of health. The Diamant functionality and all new developments in the application have been thoroughly assessed on foreseen hazards and possible risks. These risks are reduced to the lowest possible level. This guarantees the highest level of patient safety.In Diamant sensitive patient data is protected against unauthorized access by means of security profiles, so that the data is managed and controlled in a secure way.

Diasoft has a certified Quality Management System compliant with ISO 13485:2016.

Please find our certificates below:


Diasoft MDR certificate

MDSAP certificate

TGA Australia Diamant certificate

Medical Device Licence Canada
Medical Device Licence Renewal Canada

Medical Device Renewal letter Korea

VZVZ XIS Type acceptation 

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