Product support hardware

Explanatory notes to the table below

Start of Sale – The product becomes available on the market.
End of Renewal – The software (Diamant running on the product) will no longer be enriched/backported with new features.
End of Sale/Distribution –¬†The product will no longer be sold. Running orders will be shipped.
End of Life (Service/Maintenance) – The product will no longer be supported through the helpdesk and/or be repaired/replaced.

Hardware Start of sale/ distribution End of renewal End of Sale/ distribution End of Life (service/maintenace)
SmartConnector (black) 01-Jan-2010 01-Jan-2017 01-Jan-2018 01-Jan-2025
Cables SmartConnector  01-Jan-2010 01-Jan-2017 01-Jan-2018 01-Jan-2025
Datakeys for SmartConnector 01-Jan-2010 01-Jan-2017 01-Jan-2018 01-Jan-2025
MiniConnector 01-Jun-2016 01-Jan-2017 01-Jan-2018 01-Jan-2025
SmartPower 01-Jan-2010 01-Jan-2017 01-Jan-2023 01-Jan-2029
Bedside terminal (Barco) 01-Nov-2018 01-Jan-2021 01-Apr-2021 01-jan-2027
Bedsideterminal (Cybermed) 01-Apr-2021 01-Apr-2021 01-Apr-2023 01-Apr-2029
SmartCard/RFID 01-Jan-2016 01-Jan-2021 01-Apr-2023 01-Apr-2029
Cables for Bedside Terminal 01-Jan-2010 01-Jan-2021 01-Apr-2023 01-Apr-2029
Mounting poles 01-jan-2010 01-Jan-2021 01-Apr-2023 01-apr-2029

The above items can still be purchased through Diasoft after the end-of-sale date based on supplier availability.

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