advanced course HD nurses

This course has been designed for haemodialysis nurses who wish to utilise Diamant’s haemodialysis module and apply it at a more advanced level of nursing during their daily tasks.

After the course, participants will be able to depict the haemodialysis treatment in a broader perspective and provide a clear overview for all those from other disciplines who also use the Diamant software application. Being able to implement what has been learnt during the course into practice is a main focal point; therefore the curriculum will be extensively reviewed and rehearsed via exercises, casuistry and presentations.Seeing as participants from several centres attend this course simultaneously, one has the possibility to benefit from peer reviews, the sharing of knowledge and experiences. All in all, this is an enjoyable, highly instructive and interactive course that is very relevant to present-day practices within a dialysis unit.

what you will learn

  • Create a differing HD prescription in parallel to the existing one.
  • Apply differing forms of therapy or specific procedures.
  • Conduct follow-up actions originating from multiple screens.
  • Obtain case histories.
  • Distinguish between halting the fistula temporarily and stopping the fistula indefinitely.
  • Start and sign-off a blood transfusion.
  • Sign-off a dialysis session whilst paying special attention to double-checks and follow-up actions.
  • Select and apply the nursing functionalities in course progression.
  • Generate nursing data from the available medical information.

admission criteria

  • Basic knowledge of Windows applications.
  • Basic-level course for haemodialysis nurses.
  • 1 year work experience with the Diamant software application.


  • Participants will receive a certificate after completion of the course.


  • This Diasoft course is accredited by the accreditation commission of the quality register V&V.

course information

Course duration: 1 day.
Location: Diasoft office in Leusden.
Number of participants: minimum 4 – maximum 12

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