basic-level functional application administrator

This course has been designed for functional application managers who wish to develop the necessary skills to fill out an empty Diamant database or who want to learn about the basic Diamant functionalities.

This course will cover how one can best configure the Diamant database in order for the users to work with the software in a centre-specific manner. The course als addresses how one can best convey one’s new knowledge to fellow apllication managers and or users. Participants will learn how to adapt and transfer the functions, workflows and requirements of the multidisciplinary users into Diamant. Practical excercises, casuistry and presentations will be given during the course. Ther interactive course is relevant to present-day practices within a dialysis unit.

what you will learn

  • Create and manage dialysis locations.
  • Provide the users and user groups with the appropriate legal structure.
  • Configure and manage external addresses as well as possible combinations with other Diamant functionalities..
  • Manage center-specific application options and the list manager.
  • Input of new patients, calendars, HD and PD prescriptions (as well as stand prescriptions), task, HD and PD accesses.
  • HD and PD planning (create outpatient appointments).
  • Sign-off HD and PD treatments.
  • Learn about the entire medicine module and all its applications, as well as creating center-specific standard prescriptions for medication.
  • The meaning of and application of a medicinelist in Diamant.
  • Create and apply vaccination protocols.
  • Manage and configure PD liquids.
  • Create and work with master preparations.
  • The function and connection beween medicine applications and microbiology screen.
  • Input of center-wide observations and the importance of this in Diamant.
  • Use and applicability of customer portal and customer forum.
  • Mail in Diamant.

admission criteria

  • Basic knowledge of Windows applications.
  • Experience with computers and databases.


  • Participants will receive a certificate after completion of the course.


  • This Diasoft course is accredited by the accreditation commission of the quality register V&V..

course information

Course duration: 3 days
Location: Diasoft office in Leusden.
Number of participants: minimum 2 – maximum 12

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