The SmartConnector is an interface for external dialysis equipment. Using the SmartConnector enables you to link the dialysis machines and weighing scales to your Diamant system. Additionally, the SmartConnector displays actual treatment data, such as the dialysis prescription and the session’s measurement values, and is also suitable for bedside patient treatment.


The SmartConnector enables you to monitor the dialysis machines in the dialysis centre. The information pertaining to multiple locations can be centrally gathered and sent to one single call centre.



A brief overview of the SmartConnector’s principle characteristics:

  • A link to your dialysis machine, enabling you to view the machine data and alarms.

  • Online availability of the patient’s most recent data as generated during the treatment.

  • Possibility to register reminders and administrations via an easy to use touchscreen.

  • Identification of the care provider via the use of a key or chip card.

  • Ergonomic design guaranteeing the optimal usage of the available space in the dialysis location.


Depending on the model, the patient needs to be signed-on either via a data key or a smart card. The SmartConnector is equipped with a smart card slot and two keyholes. In order to start a session, the patient’s data key or smart card need to be inserted into the SmartConnector; the patient’s name will then appear on the screen.

After having logged-in the patient, the nurse can then also be logged-in; the nurse’s name will also appear on the screen. You can operate the Smartconnector simply by touching the buttons on the touchscreen.



The SmartConnector has the following screens:

  • Prescription:   In this screen you can view the patient’s actual HD prescription as created in Diamant.

  • Administrations: In this screen you can view the patient’s prescribed medication as input in Diamant. Here you can indicate whether the medication has been given, has been deferred to a next session, or has expired.

  • Reminders:    In this screen you can view the reminders associated with the patient. You have the option of ticking them as completed, deferred to the next session, expired, or stop current and future reminders.

  • Lab:    In this screen you can view the results that have been generated by the machine and edit them.

  • Course:   In this screen you can view the different measured values, edit them and/or add to them.

  • Stop:    You can sign-off the patient in this screen. Just as in Diamant, the red dot (in this case, the stop button in the touchscreen) needs to disappear after having ticked-off all open reminders, medications, etc.


You can fully end a session by removing the patient’s patient key and the user’s key once it has been signed-off.



Using the SmartPower enables you to link the machine’s location to the SmartConnector’s functionality



The Smartconnector enables you to integrate the monitoring of dialysis treatments in Diamant. Dialysis data, as generated by the machine, is automatically transferred to the patient’s file. The SmartConnector will display all reminders and prescriptions as action points. In combination, Diamant and the SmartConnector can contribute to your department working paperlessly!