Evidence based nursing reporting

This course has been designed for peritoneal and haemodialysis nurses who wish to develop the necessary skills to use Diamant for the creation of methodical nursing reports

This course will address theoretical aspects of both the nursing process, and of methodical reporting, after which the participants will be taught how to translate theory into practice with Diamant. The course will also focus on the pros and cons of electronic nursing reports in the nursing information systems (NIS) that are generally used. Thanks to the simultaneous participation of several centres, the attendees will be able to benefit from peer reviews as well as establish a valuable network. In order to ensure that your unit reaps maximum benefits from Diamant’s usage, and that what is learnt is put into optimal practice, the course will also address how one can best transfer one’s knowledge to colleagues and how one can monitor the processing of the nursing files.The course will be comprised of practical exercises, casuistry and presentations. All in all, this is an enjoyable, highly instructive and interactive course that is very relevant to present-day practices within a dialysis unit.

what you will learn

  • Create methodical nursing reports in Diamant.
  • Input of an anamnesis in Diamant.
  • Input of a standard action plan in Diamant.
  • Create standard nursing plans in Diamant.
  • Use of personal- and standard nursing plans in Diamant.
  • Sign-off a dialysis session, paying special attention to the nursing plan tab, and evaluate interventions.
  • Select and apply the nursing functionalities in course progression.

admission criteria

  • Basic knowledge of Windows applications.
  • Basic-level course for haemodialysis nurses.
  • 1 year work experiende with the Diamant software appliation.


  • Participants will receive a certificate after completion of the course.


  • This Diasoft course is accredited by the accreditation commission of the quality register V&V.

course information

Course duration: 1 day.
Location: Diasoft office in Leusden.
Number of participants: minimum 4 – maximum 12

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