multicenter management

This course has been designed for Functional Application Managers who need to configure the Diamant programme in a centre-specific or multi-centre manner, enabling different locations to work within one single database.

The course will cover how one is to handle centre-specific settings for multiple locations. After having completed the course, participants will be able to configure each location in a centre-specific manner with regards to the personnel, patients, course progression, medication, etc. During the course, participants will be given the opportunity to carry out practical exercises that have been designed to test their newly learnt knowledge as acquired during the course. All possible multi-centre functionalities will be amply covered during the course and the practical exercises.

what you will learn

  • Configure multiple locations
  • Split-up personnel members per location
  • Assign patients to a location
  • Configure OPA per location
  • Configure course progression per location
  • Configure centre-specific medication per location
  • Configure outpatient appointments per location
  • Create patient selections per location
  • Configure therapy types per location
  • Create group reminders per location
  • Configure standard HD/PD prescriptions per location
  • Configure graphs per location
  • Configure vaccination protocols per location
  • Configure nurse and step-by-step plans per location
  • Assign report definitions per location
  • Configure Lists per location

admission criteria

  • Basic knowledge of Windows applications.
  • Basic-level course for Functional Application Adminsration


  • Participants will receive a certificate after completion of the course.


  • This Diasoft course is accredited by the accreditation commission of the quality register V&V.

course information

Course duration: 1 day.
Location: Diasoft office in Leusden.
Number of participants: minimum 2 – maximum 12

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