invoicing and settings

This course has been designed for functional application managers and/or users who want to develop the necessary skills with regards to the invoicing and related settings in the Diamant software application.

The course will focus on the invoicing procedure available via Diamant, on a user-level as well as on a functional application management level. The operational process will be divulged at a user-level whereby one will learn how to create, check and send invoices to the financial department. The emphasis will be placed on the underlying settings that need to be configured at a functional application management level in order to implement and manage an efficient billing procedure in Diamant. Once the participant has successfully completed the course, he or she will be able to implement and/or manage a centre-specific billing procedure in a responsible and secure manner. During the course, each participant will be given the opportunity to solve practical exercises and casuistry that have been especially designed to test the newly gained knowledge. This interactive course is relevant to present-day practices within a dialysis unit.

what you will learn

  • Structural differences in Diamant between invoicing on a functional application management level and a user-level.
  • Core concepts.
  • Links and licenses.
  • Invoice management part 1.
  • EPO elements.
  • Billable operations part 1.
  • Invoice items.
  • Forms of therapy.
  • Billable operations part 2.
  • Invoice management part 2.
  • Data control for invoicing and resolving error notifications. Reports for billing purposes.

admission criteria

  • Familiarity with Windows applications.
  • Basic-level course on functional application management and advanced functional application management course.
  • Basic-level course on administration and planning.
  • 1 year work experience with the Diamant software application


  • Participants will receive a certificate after completion of the course.


  • This Diasoft course is accredited by the accreditation commission of the quality register V&V.

course information

Course duration: 1 day
Location: Diasoft office in Leusden.
Number of participants: minimum 2 – maximum 12

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