Diamant is a software package which covers all aspects of the dialysis. It allows you to enter patients, make schedules for the dialyses that must be performed, make a clear overview of the results, print invoices, couple with machines and much more.

All disciplines involved with the dialysis can process their data through Diamant: doctors, nurses, dieticians, medical social workers. All data of a patient in one program, without being accessible to those without appropriate clearance.


Night dialysis

Diasoft is working on the Nocturne II project, in cooperation with Dianet. The Nocturne II project allows haemodialysis patients to dialyze at home while they are sleeping. They will be supported by the dialysis centre through remote monitoring and the data of the treatment are automatically entered in Diamant. The idea behind home haemo dialysis at night, is that patients are treated better when they are dialyzed more often and longer, and preferably at home.

  • A higher number of dialysis hours per week leads to far less additional complaints, a better blood pressure control and even to less hospital admissions and a lower mortality li>
  • A higher dialysis frequency goes together with a great improvement in the quality of life and fewer physical problems, such as a better blood pressure and heart function. Moreover, the treatment is far better to bear.
  • Home haemo dialysis leads to a better quality of life than haemo dialysis at a centre.


When these three improvements (more often, longer, at home) are combined, the patient is able to function far better during the day. 8 hours of haemo dialysis, six times per week, would destroy a patient's social life, unless the treatment is performed at night, at home in bed, while the patient is sleeping.


Technical possibilities

Diasoft develops three different components that together form the dialysis software:

  • Diamant
  • The Diasoft communication server
  • The Smartconnector


Diamant is the software package that is actually used by the user. The communication server communicates with all systems located in the surroundings; namely, dialysis machines, weighing scales, water treatment systems, blood gas analysers, the lab, the financial administration, the HIS, mirador, the renal registry, etc.   


The Smartconnector is used to facilitate the input and validation of data whilst being directly at the patient’s side, meaning that the use of a PC in the direct vicinity of the patient can be reduced to a strict minimum. The Smartconnector is used in conjunction with a dialysis machine, a blood gas analyser, a weighing scale and other systems.