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Diasoft Training Course Regulations

1. Registration
The registration is effective from the time the completed and signed Registration Form is in the possession of Diasoft. Where course fees are paid by an employer or other party, the Registration Form must be signed by them in the appropriate space. Participants will receive an order confirmation and invoice from Diasoft. The Training Regulations will be applicable from the time Diasoft receive the Registration Form. From this point onwards, participants are under an obligation to pay the course fees, subject to the provisions laid out in Paragraph 9 below.

2. Participants List
Inclusion on the Participant’s List is made on receipt of payment of tuition fees.

3. Acceptance
If, for a particular course, the relevant guide stipulates admission requirements in the form of diplomas, certificates etc, a copy of all the required certificates must be submitted when registering. Diasoft do not accept liability in cases where a participant did not meet the formal admission requirements, but was accepted onto a course.

4. Numbers and Notifications
A minimum and maximum number of participants is laid down for each course. In the event of insufficient applications being received for a course, Diasoft reserve the right:
To move the course to a later date, of which the participants will be notified in writing or by telephone at the earliest possible time;
To cancel a course, and refund all tuition fees already paid.

5. Fees
All tuition fees must be paid into the Diasoft account within 14 days of the invoice date. In cases where payments are not made on time, or are not made in full, Diasoft may deny the participant access to the course until their payment obligations have been met. The participant’s registration for the course will be null and void. The participant will still be obliged to pay the tuition fees, and Diasoft will collect these and any additional fees incurred. If a class is not provided, regardless of the reason, participants will be entitled to a full or partial refund of the tuition fees.

6. Schedule
Before the start of a training course, Diasoft will provide a timetable, including the dates and times of classes. Diasoft reserve the right to make alterations to the organisation of these schedules during the interim period. In the event a training class is cancelled, regardless of the reason, Diasoft have no obligation other than to organise replacement of the cancelled class.

7. Teaching Material
On payment of the tuition fees, course materials becomes the property of the student, on the understanding that full copyright thereof is retained by Diasoft. The sale or other transfer to third parties is not permitted. Full or partial reproduction of this material is only allowed after Diasoft has granted written permission, according to their terms and conditions.

8. Rules for Cancelling Registrations
Course registration may be cancelled under the following circumstances:
To be valid, cancellations must be made in writing, preferably sent by registered post.
If cancellations are made up to two weeks prior to the commencement of a course, no charge will be payable.
If cancellations are made less than two weeks before the start of a course, a charge of 50% of the full course fee will be payable.
In the absence of a valid cancellation being made, or where cancellations have been made after a course has started, the full course fees will be payable.
Diasoft may decide to make a partial refund in cases where courses have been cancelled due to the ill health of a participant. For this purpose, a written request must be submitted.
In the event of a participant’s death, their contract will end immediately, and the remaining tuition fees will be refunded to the appropriate parties.

9. Non-Attendance
If, by virtue of ill-health or some other compelling reason, a participant is unable to attend part of, or the entire course, they can be offered a replacement. Diasoft must be informed in writing before any substitution can take place. On the basis of a substitution being made, the participant has no rights to either a full or partial refund of the tuition fees.

10. Disputes
In the event of any dispute between a participant and Diasoft, where no mutually agreed resolution can be achieved, the matter can be submitted to the Executive Board of Diasoft.

11. Additional Provisions
All information in these brochures, course information, and course guides shall be considered to form part of the course, and is subject to the Training Course Regulations, insofar as they relate to the course followed by the participants.
Cases to which these Regulations do not apply will be decided by the Executive Board of Diasoft.

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