Support desk


Diasoft aims to have optimal communication between its developers and the end-users of the Diamant software. Therefore, it is of great importance that end-user comments about the operation of Diamant are correctly sent to the developer. Sometimes these may be drastic requirements, sometimes minor irritation points.

It is important that any suggestion for improvement is assessed on its own content, also in the context of user-group meetings. In order to keep the current desired amendments to a manageable level Diasoft uses ‘Bugzilla. The name ‘Bugzilla’ is misleading to the extent that we also have a ‘feature request system’ to speak of.


Support desk

In order to answer questions from users, we have a telephone Support desk in Dutch and English. This is intended for application managers.

The phone number of the support desk is +31 33 4341919. The support desk is available on work days. Use of the support desk is limited to questions that are somewhat urgent.

Other issues can be submitted to the support desk through email.


Read about our regulations for using the helpdesk in the service level agreement.


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