Collaboration B. Braun, Elyseklinieken and Diasoft

B. Braun Medical, Elyse clinics for kidney care and Diasoft join forces to develop digital solutions for dialysis. This cooperation is in line with the joint vision to offer sustainable solutions for good kidney care.

B. Braun and Diasoft have been working together for some time, but have now chosen to record the collaboration. Jan van den Berge, CEO of Diasoft, explains: “It is important for us to commit to partners who also want to commit to us”.
B. Braun invests in this partnership by working together with Diasoft on a sustainable solution for the interface between Dialog iQ and the EMR. We will also propagate this to our mutual customers: a good and secure solution is more than just tying together separate components. We aim for a solution in which everything is geared to one another right from the design phase.

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