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With the certified courses you get the most out of the software application.


The SmartConnector is an interface for external dialysis equipment. It communicates with dialysis equipment.


Automation of the dialysis: Diamant is a software package which covers all aspects of the dialysis.



Thank you for your interest in Diasoft! For more that 10 years, Diasoft has been well known in the Netherlands when it comes to satisfying the automation requirements of dialysis centres. We owe this to the intensive dedication of many physicians and nurses, who have helped us through the years to develop our total solution.


Requesting an Account for Application Managers and Trainers

After having followed a Diasoft training, clients can request an account to gain access to the downloadable documents and course materials. You can request an account via our contact form. Select the option 'Diasoft accounts' in the 'Category' field.